Bulk Document Signer

Bulk Document Signer DSCThe primary function of Bulk Document Signer is to sign documents using X.509 digital certificates. Bulk Document Signer allows users to digitally sign a large number of documents in one go thus saving substantial time in opening the document and signing them one by one. This feature works both when you are using either a local (client-side) signing keys or server-side signing keys.

As organizations move from paper toward digital business processes and initiatives, Bulk Document Signer is secure, portable, and easy-to-use solution that streamlines business processes and reduces the time and costs associated with traditional paper-based document signing. Many organizations are accepting PKI based applications to improve workflow management, accountability and transparency.

We help the organization to adopt PKI quickly and inexpensively to seamless transition towards a paperless office environment. Our PKI based solutions guarantee signer authenticity and the data integrity of documents in a manner that is secure and simple to deploy and manage. Users can digitally sign documents, files, forms, and transactions anywhere.

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